Sunday, March 4, 2012

C for Caterpillar (Craft)'s almost two weeks but we still stuck in the B worksheets.
Thankfully this midweek, we've done with the B, and now we are ready to move to the next letter.

Letter we come :)

We started the letter C lesson by watching a video about one of Eric Carle's book that is red by Kari Schiff, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Benn The BOY really likes the story so much and he keeps repeating watching the video for 2-3 times at almost midnight lastnight (pfiuhhh...let's sleep BOY, Mami is so sleepy)

This afternoon we do some worksheets from 1+1+1=1, and cannot wait to do the funnest part of every lesson that we do, that is Crafty Time ^_^

And today's Crafty Projects are making Balloons Caterpillar n Butterfly :)

These are the humble things that we use to make these project:
  • Some small sized colorful balloons ( 7 pcs for Caterpillar & 4 pcs for Butterfly)
  • Double tapes (but we used only tapes, since I cannot find my double tape)
  • Glue (UHU)
  • Dark Color papers for making the eyes
  • A few of Yellow Chenille Stem
  • Unused toilet paper core

How to make them are just easy :
  1. Blow the balloons that are needed, the size is up to you n your kids.
  2. To make caterpillar, just attach the balloons using the double tape, side to side, the tied knot on the bottom, attach as many as you want until it forms a caterpillar. Glue two eyes from two balls of dark papers, and give a smiley mouth from the chenille stem. And the caterpillar is yours.
  3. To make the Butterfly, resize the toilet paper core and tape it again to form a pipe. Attach the balloons on the sides of the pipe, and on one end of the pipe to make the head. Glue two balls of dark paper to make the eyes. Taraaa....your butterfly is done :)
When the Colorful Caterpillar n the Butterfly are finished, my son cannot wait to ask me out in the garden, to do a pretend play, and let the caterpillar find some leaves to eat, so it can grow bigger  and turn into a beautiful Butterfly.

What a beautiful afternoon, having a good time with my Son, Benn The BOY.

Happy Crafting with your kids :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amigurumi Egg Covers_Elephant

Iseng iseng, mengusir penat, sambil menemani Benn The BOY yang sedang belajar sendiri di depan komputer. Setelah bongkar pasang bongkar pasang berulang kali, akhirnya, bisa juga jadi Elephant Egg Cover_Amigurumi Crochet.

Ahhh...akhirnya jadi juga tatakan telur rebus ini, kali ini model yang dibuat adalah bentuk Gajah.
Tapi masih kurang pinter nih membentuk ekspresi wajah si gajah.
Adakah teman yang bisa mengajariku membuat ekspresi wajah karakter? hehehe

Bahan yang digunakan:
  • Benang Katun Lokal (ICT) Biru Muda
  • Benang Katun Lokal (ICT) Biru Tua
  • Benang Katun Lokal (ICT) Hitam
  • Hook Rose no 4/0
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Botol Yakult bekas

Cara Membuat:
Nah loooo....kemarin ini membuatnya trial n error, sampai sampai lupa mau menuliskan pola nya hiks hiks

Nanti di karakter berikutnya harus dicatat nih polanya.

 Next Project : Mouse Egg Cover